Blueberry Bliss Farm

Blueberry Bliss is a family run business in the city of Jacob, situated about 2 hours south of Warsaw in a beautiful forest and natural bodies of water, far from industrial centres and transportation routes. Our fruits are grown by hand and we use falcons to protect the crops against birds, and conduct apiary bees that pollinate our flowers.

Founded in 1997, Blueberry Bliss is now a producer of high-quality fruit blueberries. We currently have 20 hectares of plants that produces approximately 150 tonnes of export quality fruit annually, with production commencing in early July through to the end of September.

Our goal is to produce the highest quality berries, which are then hand-picked, hand-packed and sorted. All fruits harvested during the day are quickly cooled, and packaged no later than one hour from breaking off the plant, with the aim of sending our blueberries to customers in the same day.

Fresh berries are currently sold in Europe, including the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Finland and Russia. The market is expanding each year as we actively look for new markets around the world.
We are committed to the continuous development of growing blueberries in Poland, as well as in our blueberry farm, and use the best technologies available on the market for the crop. We are constantly working to provide a product that consistently meets the expectations of our customers.

We use quality assurance systems, are GLOBALGAP certified since 2006, and also a member of the SPBA
(Blueberry Growers Association) since 1997.




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Contact Details

Marketing Manager
Renata Sawicka

mobile: 61 416 617 550

(UTC 10 Australia)

Skype: Renata_hanna1

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