Blueberry Bliss Farm

BerryBliss is a family run business in the city of Jacob, situated about two hours south of Warsaw, and at the boundary of the Province of Lodz. Our blueberries are surrounded by beautiful forest, and natural bodies of water, far from industrial centres and transportation routes. Our fruits are grown in a traditional way by maintaining the balance in the natural environment. We use falcons to protect the crops against birds, and conduct apiary bees that pollinate our flowers.

Founded in 1997, BerryBliss is now a producer of high quality blueberry fruit. We currently have around 20 hectares of plants that produces approximately 300 tons of export quality fruit annually, with production commencing in early July through to the end of September.

Since our early beginnings we aim to expand each year by focusing on dynamic development by adapting to new technologies, and consumption changes on the fruit market. In August 2011, we built a warehouse equipped with the most modern fruit sorting and packing lines, and a new storage and logistics facility with large truck parking. In 2016, we expanded our offices, storage chambers, and included cool rooms ULO.

BerryBliss uses quality assurance systems, such as GLOBALGAP and Risk Assessment GRASP. Having this certificates confirms that our fruit production is undertaken to protect the environment, e.g. the use of plant protection products that are harmless to animals, rational fertilization, rational use of water, etc. We are also a proud member of the Polish Blueberry Growers Association (SPBA).

We endeavour to produce the highest quality blueberries, which are then handpicked, packed and sorted. All fruits harvested on a given day are quickly cooled no later than one hour from breaking from the plant, packed and even sometimes delivered to our recipients on the very same day. Our goal is to deliver fresh blueberries to our customers by minimising channels. We strive to promote our own brand on the domestic and the foreign market. Fresh blueberries are currently sold in Europe, including the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Finland and Russia.

Our mission is to be committed to the continuous innovation of growing blueberries in Poland, as well as in our farm. From the very beginning we have the best blueberry bush varieties, and devices available on the market for the crop. We are constantly striving to deliver to the market a product that meets the expectations of our customers.

Our objective is to be innovative and highly competitive in the market in order to increase our level of foreign trade. Our company is not too big but by constantly improving the way of growing blueberries and promoting our fruits is economically efficient. We are working on acquiring new markets and establishing contacts and cooperation with foreign partners, and we are promoting the farm and our blueberry fruits in Poland and in global markets.

For the last three years we took part of the international marketing campaign of Power-Fruits, that focuses on promoting blueberry properties and its benefits, with the intention of increasing blueberry awareness and consumption.

Through our development and growth we are very competitive in terms of quality and quantity of fruit produced, being our farm among the best in the best in Poland. In 2014, The Scientific and Technical Association of Agricultural Engineers and Techniques (SITR), have awarded BerryBliss' owner Hanna Moscardo Malinowski with the title of Exemplary Farmer. Title awarded for her innovation, competitiveness and technological solutions increasing the farm's productivity with a record yield of 30 tons of berries harvested per hectare. Furthermore, for her care for human capital, and production strategies chosen favouring the protection of the natural environment. Moreover, in 2016, the Institute of Holiculture in Poland, has been awarded the title of The Farmer of the Year (Boryna Roku, 2016), for her outstanding work in the policulture production.

We are open to the most demanding recipients and present at all major industry events. BerryBliss has always been and remains open to continuous improvement. We continue to expand and share our knowledge to support other blueberry growers, and consumers along with scientific research, and we also take part in domestic and international conferences, congresses, seminars and trade shows.

We have a serious approach to business operations. We respect the time and hard work of our contractors.




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Marketing Manager
Renata Sawicka

mobile: 61 416 617 550

(UTC 10 Australia)

Skype: Renata_hanna1

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